Jaipur Rural Health & Development Trust with the co-ordination of Biyani Group of College, Jaipur is going to organize an India-Japan-Bangladesh Telemedicine workshop from 7th March 2016 to 11th March 2016. For which nine members of Kyushu University (Japan) and three members from Grameen Communication (Bangladesh) is going to participate along with the 12 member team of Biyani Group of College, Jaipur (India).

This workshop is co-ordinated by Prof. Manish Biyani (JAIST), Pof. Fumihiko Yokota (Kyushu University) and Prof. Kazi Rafiqul Islam Maruf (Grameen Communication) for the betterment of health of people residing at rural areas. There will be in-house training of all the members from 7th march to 9th march at Biyani Girls College (Jaipur). Later, from 10th March to 11th March, approx. 100 people from Jobner, Renwal and Kalwar (villages of Jaipur, Rajasthan) will be registered by the team members for Diagnosis.

Basically this initiative is taken by organizers for the improvement of the health at rural area as these are far out of reach by the Doctors. This will be achieved by using a portable Health Clinic (PHC). This is a small movable clinic in a briefcase which facilitates advanced telemedicine and online consultancy of expert doctors for the remote communities free of cost.

Basic Checkup Package will include: Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Pulse Rate, Arrhythmia, Height, Weight and BMI Waist, Hip & W/H Ratio, Oxygenation of Blood (SpO2) Blood Glucose, Urine Sugar, Urine Protein.
All the information gathered from registered patients will be assigned with a barcode which will be uploaded to the server and information reached to Doctor sitting at the call center by the help of server. After consultation of the doctor, patient is provided with the health checkup report and prescription. This cycle will be repeated every month till health of each person is improved. The mission of current project is the improvement of health of people those are living at rural areas.

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