Dr. Madhu Biyani

Technology Advisor and Officer

Dr. Madhu Biyani obtained graduation degree in Homeopathy medicine in 2000 from India and PhD in Bio Engineering in 2011 from Japan. She is technology developer in molecular evolutionary engineering field and contributed in several research projects funded by Japan Science and Technology. She has been published many original research papers and is also the recipient of many national and International awards during her professional scientific career including one patent in her name. She has been a meritorious person throughout her career and recognized too at many platforms for her outstanding contribution in the research work in bioengineering domain. Presently, Dr Madhu has engaged in developing electrochemical devices for on-site and rapid water/food testing that can be immediately used for field application in India.


Dr. Tarun K. Kumawat

Research Scientist

Dr. Tarun K. Kumawat focuses on the development of portable sensing/diagnostic devices for better healthcare. He obtained his Ph.D. in biotechnology. He is a B.Sc. (Biology) graduate and M.Sc. (Biotechnology & Botany) postgraduate. Dr. Tarun has been efficiently working on simple and on-site health monitoring for a range of bio-molecules. He has also been instrumental in nano-biotechnological aspects in biosensing and point-of-care medical diagnostics. In addition to this, he has published several publications in peer-reviewed journals i.e., Springer, Elsevier etc.

Ms. Radhika Biyani

Chief Technology Officer

Radhika Biyani is a young researcher and an active member of Biyani Biosolutions. She has an extensive experience of training in Akita Prefectural University and Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology in Japan. She is involved in various research activities and is actively trying to experiment with natural samples like water, soil and food for on-site electrochemical detection of heavy metals as a part of bio-sensing.


Ms. Sonam Yadav


Sonam Yadav is a young researcher and an active member of Biyani BioSolutions. She is involved in various research activities and mainly focuses on bio-engineering and bio-informatics.


Ms. Nirat Kandwani


Nirat is a devoted researcher of Biyani BioSolutions. She is at present involved in bio-electro-chemical sensing activities where she is responsible to work for new devices for field and mass application.